unearth your trauma: a virtual, self-healing journey

Unearth Your Trauma

A Virtual, Self-Healing Journey

What People are Saying…

“This workshop brought a whole new perspective to my journey. It brought clarity to the process of Unearthing my trauma that I didn’t have before this workshop. It created for me words and actions for what my body was doing (rooting and blooming) and the different parts of the process of unpacking that trauma.”

“This workshop was unique in the way that the facilitator interacted and encouraged interaction and input while also keeping time in mind. I would highly recommend this to more people and can’t wait for a 2.0 version!”

“I know that I will always be pruning, growing, watering, and continuing to ground myself every day, as this will always be essential to my new everyday life. I believe that I had been trying to do this, my whole life, I just did not have the right TOOLS TO DO SO. I will hold all these tools deeply in my heart and continue to do the work that is needed to Break the cycle of LIFE.”

Using plant life as a metaphor, M guides intimate sessions in self-reflection and learning. This peer-led workshop reveals M’s personal six step healing process, while cultivating connection between others experiencing trauma.

“We each have the power within us to uproot personal trauma in order to thrive. Unearthing trauma can feel scary, unmanageable and isolating. By connecting to others at the roots of our experiences, we can tap into our organic ability to heal.”

M Abeo

Join M for this special self-healing journey, developed especially for unearthing and learning to process trauma during the pandemic era. You will leave the sessions equipped with tools and a personal plan to move forward in healing. 

Six Step Self-Healing Process







Day One – The Process

10:00 a.m. – noon PDT

  • Learning the steps
  • Breakout groups for discussion & support
  • Art of journaling 
  • Create personal healing plan

Day Two – The Reflection

11:00 a.m. – noon PDT

  • Reflection 
  • Process learnings
  • Share plans & commitments

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Disclaimer: M is not a licensed therapist, and this session does not constitute a psychological intervention. If you fear your trauma and processing are dangerous for yourself or those around you, please seek professional help. If you’re in crisis please contact the National Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.