The Faces of Fortitude Experience offers an immersive visual experience, bringing to life poignant images portraying the kaleidoscopic phases of loss, grief and trauma.  

M curates a cross section of the portraits they’ve captured over the years, weaving together a powerful emotional experience. Viewers are taken through a journey of Faces, each subject a suicide loss survivor, mental health first responder, or suicide attempt survivor, all processing trauma and finding moments of hope in their own unique way. Interwoven are personal quotes from each subject’s experience paired with empowering questions posed to viewers in regards to their own mental health and mortality.
Emotionally potent and resonant, the Faces of Fortitude Experience captures the powerful, healing act of speaking one’s grief and loss aloud. It asks viewers to imagine a new path for individuals and communities to process trauma. It affirms that vulnerability is a form of strength and that uncomfortable conversations around mental illness and suicide are a way of radical self care, elevating healing. In essence, encountering the Faces of Fortitude Experience unlocks each viewer’s potential to become a champion of the mental health revolution.